Birthday Flowers for August

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Gladiolus flowers are often used to give height to floral arrangements. It comes in a large variety of colors from white, yellow, pink, purple, red, blue and even green.

Some meanings: Gladiator flower, generosity, sincerity, integrity, love at first sight, moral integrity, remembrance, strength, and vibrancy.

Did you know? It is believed that the Gladiolus grew wild in the Holy Land of Jerusalem and along the coast of Africa? Some believe that the Gladiolus is the actual “Lillie's of the Field” that Jesus spoke of in His Sermon on the Mount.

Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

Poppy flowers add a delicate sophisticated touch to arrangements. It comes in a smaller variety of colors: white, purple, red and pink.

Some meanings: Fun-loving, symbol of good and evil, Imagination, life and death, love, pleasure, and remembrance.

Did you know? Some Romans believed that Poppies healed the broken hearted. While the ancient Greeks thought that corn would not grow unless poppies were planted nearby. The poppy flower was also found in many Egyptian tombs and even in Egyptian paintings.

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